Wednesday, July 06, 2005

livin' the tourista life

i guess i can count myself lucky. I've been staying for the past few days at my tita's house at hancock park, livinh next dorr to Beck and a few streeets away from Antonio Banderas. Hmmm. Too bad i never met these people yet. :-P

It's been quite a revelation to me how things can easily be so high and low here. Struggling to find a job, yet being able to meet and check out the lie of teh rich and famous, well, that is quite an ironic thing isn't it?

So it's a humbing experience --- realizing that your degree doesn't mean shit here and everyting has to be done with paperwork... argh. I hate the bureaucracy of it all, at this point.

I do consider myself lucky though. I am grateful for those people who take the time to help me out here --- kudos to you guys and gals!

now back to job hunting...


kay said...

wow, hancock park!

yes, that sounds incredibly ironic... the great thing about the philippines (i guess?) is that it's so easy to be part of the "upper crust" here. it's so easy to meet people, get connections, and be someone in some respects. but when you leave the country, you're suddenly nobody.

ok, i don't think that came out the right way. anyway, good luck with the job hunting!

wanderlust junkie said...

no biggie, i know the feeling gurl. i came here with the hopes that my credentials can mean something at least only to ind out i still have to work here to gain "expeirence". bad trip. anyhoo, it's cool to live in a house near Beck's even if it's only temporary :-)

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